One of the points I made Sunday was that our lives are always making a statement about God- either by our obedience or by our disobedience.  Consider the following quote:

Every sin invades the rights of God, and strips him of one or other of his perfections. It is such a vilifying of God as if he were not God; as if he were not the supreme Creator and Benefactor of the world; as if we had not our being from him; as if the air we breathed in, the food we lived by, were our own by right of supremacy, not of donation…

Sin implies that God is unworthy of a being. Every sin is a kind of cursing God in the heart; an aim at the destruction of the being of God; not actually, but virtually; not in the intention of every sinner, but in the nature of every sin.

That affection which excites a man to break His law, would excite him to annihilate his being if it were in his power. A man in every sin aims to set up his own will as his rule, and his own glory as the end of his actions against the will and glory of God; and could a sinner attain his end, God would be destroyed.

–Stephen Charnock, Existence and Attributes of God

(HT: Ordinary Pastor)

May God open our eyes to the reality of his glory and by his grace may he begin to transform us through our view of him.