I must admit that I felt wholly inadequate yesterday in expressing the realities of Christ's relationship with the church.  It is one of those things that I so want to see impressed on our minds.  This is ultimately the work of the Spirit.  Pray with me for His work in our hearts. As you think this week about the eternal and wondrous relationship of Christ and His church here are a couple of questions to ask yourself (or someone around you):

  1. How does our submission to Christ as a church take form practically?  How would you hope to see our local church body grow in this way?
  2. What is the most astonishing aspect of Christ's love for the church to you?
  3. What does the past, present and future outworking of Christ's love for the church mean for you?
  4. What is so great about the union of the church to Christ?  Is your heart stirred by this truth?  Why or why not?