Here's a quote from Tim Chester and then the Reflection Questions for this week's sermon.

Sometimes we pray because we are feeling holy and sometimes we pray because we are feeling desperate. I suspect it’s the desperate prayers that God hears.

In other words, when we depend in our prayers on our holiness we start to sound like the Pharisee in the parable Jesus tells in Luke 18. The core model for prayer is that of a child petitioning his or her father. Our prayers are not heard because of anything intrinsic in us other than a belief that we desperately need God every moment and that he hears us when we cry to him in our desperation.

(HT: Tim Chester)

  1. How would you describe the difference between a mindset focused on us doing enough verses a mindset focused on the reality that Christ has done enough?  How does this challenge your own tendencies and perspective?
  2. How might you begin to cultivate a greater awareness of your dependence on God each day?  How do you imagine this fueling your payer life?
  3. What part of Paul’s instructions on prayer stands out to you?  What will your response be to this passage?
  4. Which lesson on evangelism are you most in need of learning?  How are you encouraged to move forward in pursuing the lost?
  5. What opportunities has God given you for proclaiming the mystery of the gospel?  How will you pursue these opportunities in the coming days and weeks?
  6. What do your prayers and prayer requests reveal about what matters most to you?  How was your heart stirred by this passage when it comes to what you value?