I am immensely grateful for the way God used Will on Sunday to bring us to see God's glory in Isaiah 6. There were a couple of thoughts that particularly struck me as I was listening.

For one, in contemplating the revival Isaiah experienced it seems clear that revival only comes to those who have been completely and utterly broken.  They have reached the end of themselves and their own resources.  Even though they may have taken drinks from many different wells they have reached a point of desperation longing for the transcendent glory of God Himself.  It is clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that they need help- they are convinced that they will be ruined if left to themselves.  Have you ever been broken like this? Do you walk consistently in this kind of brokenness?

The second item that struck me was the transition Isaiah went through between verses 5 and 8.  In verse 5 Isaiah was paralyzed in utter despair as he sees his sinfulness.  In verse 8 Isaiah seems bold and confident before God, aware of and seeing needy people around him.  The only thing that could take Isaiah from verse 5 to verse 8 is the atonement.  Anything else would have left Isaiah self-absorbed in some way- whether he attempted to work his way out of his damnation or whether he wallowed in self-analyzing hopelessness.  Only the atonement ultimately provided by Christ keeps us transfixed on our Holy God while at the same time giving us eyes to look outward to the people around us God has given us to love with the message of the gospel.  Only the atonement Christ provided gives us boldness before God and confidence that we can be used by Him.