First, a couple of questions to reflect on and then a couple of quotes I that relate to Sunday's sermon.

  1. Are there times in your life when you are stopping and simply worshiping your Savior?  When will you set aside time this week to reflect on the glory of Christ and bow in praise to Him?
  2. What is your response to the realities of Jesus' preexistent life?  What does this mean for your daily life this week?
  3. Think about a trial or difficulty you are having right now.  How does the truth of John 1:1-2 put things in perspective for you?
  4. How does the unspeakable richness of our salvation into communion with the Trinity influence your posture and interaction with unbelievers around you (note John 17:21-23)?

And now a couple of quotes-

“The joyful news of the gospel is that God the Father brings us to share in the loving communion that he forever enjoys with his eternal and natural Son through the work of his eternal and natural Son in our place and in our stead. Through adoption God graciously brings us to participate in the reciprocal love that ever flows between the Father and his Son. Not only is this the very heart of adoption; it is also the very heart of the gospel.”

— Dan Cruver, Reclaiming Adoption

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Let us wonder at the amazing condescension of the Son of God.  The heir of all things not only took our nature on himself, but took it in the most humble way.  It would have been great condescension to come to earth as a king and reign.  It was a miracle of mercy beyond our understanding to come to earth as a poor man, to be despised, and suffer, and die.  Let his love make us live not for ourselves, but for him.  Let his example daily bring home to our conscience the precept of Scripture: ‘Do not be haughty, but associate with the lowly’.

The Classic Bible Commentary: An Essential Collection of History's Finest Commentaries in One Volume, p.  1005

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