After yesterdays sermon I came away with the thought of how persecution has a unique way of showing that we treasure Christ above all earthly treasures and even above life itself.  It displays for all to see that Christ is supremely valuable.  May this be our prayer for our persecuted brethren and may this be our prayer for we who are persecuted in more mild ways (check out the video at the bottom of the post for more on this- it speaks to the prosperity gospel but it also touches on persecution and suffering). As I promised yesterday here are some links on more information and ways to get involved with loving our brothers and sisters around the world who are being persecuted for their allegiance to Christ.

Voice of the Martyrs- lots of info on past and current persecution.  You can sign up for weekly prayer updates.  They also have online resources specifically designed for kids.

Open Doors- more information on the persecuted church.  They also have a weekly prayer alert email you can sign up for.  Also, go to the bottom of their home page and check out the map which highlights persecution and provides links to country profiles.

Gospel for Asia- A missions organization with a page devoted to persecution and ways to pray for and help those enduring persecution in Asia.