This post is another follow up to this last Sunday's sermon on bringing the gospel to the church and taking the gospel to the world. Tuesday night the leadership team and their wives got together for our monthly time of sharing and prayer. I asked everyone to share the one thing they would love to see God do in our church over the next year.

Rick's answer struck me and I thought I'd pass it on.  His dream was for God to begin to make us people for whom evangelism is simply a part of who we are.  That it wouldn't just be something we do or feel like we should do but that it would be an intricate part of our identity.

It struck me that this would apply to the first point of the sermon as well- community isn't just something we do- it is who we are. We are one body, we are a part of the family of God.

At the core of our identity we are a part of a community of believers.  At the core of our identity we are messengers of the gospel.  Let's be who we are.