I want life to be easy. This simple truth explains so much of the way I live my life.  One of the areas this inordinate desire for ease infects is my interaction with the lost world around me.

Noticing the people around me, breaking the relational ice, remembering names and taking the initiative to interact with them the second time isn't easy.  It's easier to keep my head down and stay focused on my task list.

Substantially reorienting my schedule and life patterns to spend consistent time with my unbelieving friends isn't easy. My life is busy and it's easier to just fill in my schedule with relationships I'm comfortable with.

Bringing up the gospel in a conversation and then dealing with the awkwardness or rejection that may result, isn't easy.  It's much easier to shoot the breeze, keep things on the surface and go on my merry way.

One way to deal with this situation would be to simply grit my teeth, resolve to change and drum up the needed amount of self-discipline. While grace-driven-Spirit-dependent hard work does play a role, this is not where change must begin.

Change must begin with a confession of my idolatrous craving for the easy life.  It must begin as I come again to Christ and rejoice in the full forgiveness that he purchased for me when he spurned a life of ease and went the way of the cross.

As I meditate on the cross and behold the beauty of Christ my desire for the easy life will begin to be replaced.  It will be driven out by a passion to see my Savior worshiped and a desire to see my friends rescued as I have been.

When the gospel captures my heart and draws forth my love I will begin to leave behind the easy life and start sacrificially stepping out to reach my neighbors for their everlasting good and the fame of God's name.