I love the humility, hope and confidence that springs from the following quote.

I am not what I ought to be. Ah! how imperfect and deficient.

Not what I might be, considering my privileges and opportunities.

Not what I wish to be. God, who knows my heart, knows I wish to be like him.

I am not what I hope to be; ere long to drop this clay tabernacle, to be like him and see him as He is.

Not what I once was, a child of sin, and slave of the devil.

Thought not all these,

not what I ought to be, not what I might be, not what I wish or hope to be, and not what once was,

I think I can truly say with the apostle,

“By the grace of God I am what I am.”

—Cited in Letters of John Newton, p. 400.

(HT: Justin Taylor)