On Sunday we shared briefly about ways we've found to seek to make Christmas as Christ-centered as possible. The idea was to share some practical ideas that might stir each other up to find our own ways to make Christmas Christ-centered. I thought I'd share links to a couple of the items I mentioned Sunday. It's probably a little late for this year but now's the time to start getting ready for next. If you have other ideas and want to chime in feel free to comment.

The first is, "Come Thou Long Expected Jesus" edited by Nancy Guthrie.  It is a book of short essays from authors like Martin Luther, John Piper, John Calvin, Tim Keller, and Augustine. It's a great resource to bring out every year and read from.

The advent calendar we have appears to be out of production but I came across this one that looks like it might be good. It is called, "Countdown to the Coming of the King."

Finally, here's a video that might be helpful for the kids based on a chapter from the Jesus Story Book Bible.