Yet another way to get the Bible and its truths into our own hearts and our kid's hearts is through music. Here are my top choices for the kids. Sovereign Grace Music-

To Be Like Jesus- this is the one we have and love.  It takes the theme of imitating Jesus and looks at it from a very cross-centered perspective.

There is a more recent album called  Walking with the Wise that we don't have yet that is probably worth getting.

Seeds Family Worship-

There are four different Seeds CDs that we have (I think there are six total).  The lyrics are taken directly from Scripture.  You can order them from their website or from Amazon.

The lyrics from these albums are great (I guess that's obvious for the Seeds CDs) and from my uneducated perspective the music is fairly high quality as well.  In fact, I have to confess that there have been times I've chosen to listen to these albums even when the kids weren't around.