I appreciated Kevin DeYoung's points on how to respond to the racially charged events of this last week: 

Last week was a hard week. Very hard. And sadly, there could be harder weeks to come.

I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling a mix of sadness, exhaustion, fear, and confusion. There is so much hurt, so much grief, so many layers, so many story lines, and so many different voices clamoring for our attention. How can we possibly process everything that’s going on in our world?

The short answer is: we can’t. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try to think and respond wisely and Christianly. Here are a number of suggestions.

1. Pray. 

2. Keep reading your Bibles. 

3. Admit no one is a completely neutral interpreter. 

4. Listen to African Americans. 

5. Listen to police officers. 

6. Don’t rush to judgment. 

7. Don’t catastrophize every catastrophe. 

8. Don’t politicize every tragedy. 

9. Avoid Manicheaen interpretations of the past (or the present). 

10. Consider that there might be more common ground than we think.

11. Read a book

12. Lament. 

13. Repent.

14. Hope. 

15. Remember God is sovereign. 

Read how he fills out each point here.