A few weeks ago an article by Mark and Grace Driscoll on talking to your kids about sex came across my reader.  The article is definitely worth reading and it reminded me of some other resources I've come across on this issue. In our sex-saturated society it is difficult to state how important it is to shepherd our kids in this area. We need to be intentional about stepping up and teaching our kids how to think about sex in light of the glory of God and the gospel.

Here are some key resources I've found helpful:

1. First a quick video from the folks at CCEF.

2. Tim Challies linked to the following articles by Jay Younts at Shepherd's Press (full of helpful stuff).

Talking to Your Kids About Sex & Marriage Recently my pal Jay Younts, who holds down the fort at the Shepherd Press blog, wrote a series about talking to your children about sex. He did this at my request, actually, since I had gone looking for information and did not find a lot that was useful. The series is well worth reading. Here are the six parts:

Talking with Your Children about Marriage & Sex When to Talk about Sex & Marriage What to Talk About (Part 1) What to Talk About - (Part 2) Talking about Sexual Attraction Celebrate Sexual Purity

(HT: Tim Challies)

3. Another writer gave the following points in answer to the question "How do We Raise Kids in a Pornified Culture?"  (He expands on each point in his post- I'd encourage you to go there and read the article in full)

1. Aim to give our kids a huge view of God who is gloriously delightful.

2. Teach them the gospel.

3. Teach them that boundaries bring freedom and obedience is a blessing.

4. Talk to them sooner than later about sex.

5. Begin to train your kids on how to interact with the opposite sex.

6. Guard who your kids spend time with.

7. Put Your Computer in a Public Place and Turn Off The T.V.

8. Seek to cultivate a relationship with your kids such that they feel as though they can be open with you about anything.

(HT: Vitamin Z)

4. For younger children, I'd recommend listening to a talk given at Covenant Life Church entitled "Sexuality, Curiosity and Young Children." You can download it here.

5. Last, but not least, I want to remind us that the people around us in the local church are a God-given resource.  Parenting should be a constant discussion topic as we walk through life together and seek input from each other.  This is as true for the topic of sex as it is for any other parenting issue.