If you aren't familiar with the organization Joshua Project you'll want to check out this post from Desiring God- this stuff should matter to us if we truly care about the glory of God among the nations.

In this morning's message at the Ligonier Confernece, Pastor John recommended checking out Joshua Project as one tool to help engage our hearts and minds in the cause of world missions.

If you aren't familiar with Joshua Project, it is a leading research initiative that highlights the most unreached ethnic people groups of the world. By identifying these people groups and the progress of evangelism, the Church is guided in fulfilling the Great Comission mandate to make disciples of all nations.

A couple of really helpful tools that Joshua Project provides is a complete listing of ethnic people groups represented in the world, and an active list (updated weekly!) of the unreached ethnic people groups with up-to-date church planting indicators.

With Matthew 24:14 at the heart, Dan Scribner explains more of what drives Joshua Project:

See the video on YouTube.

(HT: Desiring God)