Last night I visited an informal Bible study Nathan Peterson hosts every Tuesday night at his house.  I met a guy there named Brad. Brad is a union plumber and by his own admission he had no interest in the gospel until recently.  He didn't give much thought to spiritual things and thought Christianity was foolishness.  He lived for himself.

The man I met last night is amazed by God's grace towards him and is thirsty to drink deeply of God's word.  He wants to learn and he loves being with God's people.  While he acknowledges experiencing the very real battle between the flesh and the Spirit, it is the Spirit that he longs to be directed by.

This alone is enough to be shouting for joy.  But there is more to this story that made my heart anticipate what God might do through us at Redemption.

God used people involved in a church plant in North Hollywood to bring the message of reconciliation to Brad.  A friend of Brad's was a member of the Tribe Church and invited Brad to a couple of their men's night outs.  Brad enjoyed spending time with the guys from the Tribe and begin to be more curious about their church and what they believed.  He decided to check out the church and after hearing the gospel, put his faith in Jesus to save him.

Listening to Brad last night gave me a longing to see God use us in a similar way.  It gave me hope that God will indeed use weak vessels like us as we love people and speak the gospel.

This is what we are here for-  so let's start praying for and loving people like Brad here in the Northridge area.