What God Does with Your Sin by Tim Challies: a great reminder of the astounding grace of God and strong medicine for those of us who struggle with feeling condemned.

Dealing Hope in the Darkest of Nights by Dave Furman: Dave outlines how our relationships within the church give us opportunities to hold out hope to those who feel hopeless.

Prioritizing Church Attendance by Matt Manry: it is surprisingly easy to turn gathering with the saints into a optional activity that you'll fit in if you have time. This article reminds us of how the gospel leads us towards a different perspective.

Patient Parenting by David Murray: if you're a parent and you're anything like me, you'd probably agree that patience is one of the greatest challenges in being a parent. I found this article helpful. I trust you will as well.

5 Key Realities the Bible Teaches about God's Love by D.A. Carson: a primer on understanding the different ways the Bible talks about God's love.