10 Things that Are True When You Confess Your Sin by Paul Tautges: most of us avoid confession if at all possible and see it as an unpleasant endeavor. Tautges reminds us that it is a privilege and a blessing.

Four Reasons We Don't Share the Gospel by Steven Lee: part of normal Christianity includes sharing the good news with our non-Christian friends and neighbors. The sticking point in this is that we often don't do it. This article puts a magnifying glass on this and lays out a path ahead.

3 Reasons You Absolutely Positively Must Go to Church This Weekend by Michael Kelley: a reminder of why gathering with the body of Christ is so important- for every single one of us.

Our Pro-Woman, Complimentarian Jesus by Kevin DeYoung: a good reminder that Jesus honored women and valued their ministry even as he maintained the different roles men and women play.