What Diversity Matters? by Tim Challies: Tim quotes from a great book on the kind of diverse community that God has designed the church to be. I'm grateful for how our church reflects this and praying that we would excel still more.

Re-ignite Bible Reading that's Become Boring by David Murray: The Bible is not boring and should not feel boring to us. But, we are weak, distracted and sinful people. Murray gives us some helpful thoughts on how to combat this tendency in ourselves.

The Heart of Hospitality by Christine Hoover: hospitality is an often overlooked and under estimated ministry. If you aren't familiar with it or aren't used to practicing it I'd challenge you to read this article.

Your 9-to5 is Not in Vain by Andre Yee: we all face times in our jobs or vocations when things don't go so well. Yee seeks to refresh our perspective and put Christ at the center in these times.