The True Test of a Gospel-Centered Church by Ray Ortlund Jr.: this is what we want to move towards as a church- gospel doctrine and gospel culture.

The Two Things We Must Say in the Transgender Debate by Kevin DeYoung: this is very helpful as we seek to walk in both truth and grace in this area.

The Mission of Words by Paul Tripp: Tripp reminds us that our words are always doing something. Are we being purposeful with the words we speak? 

The Shack: Biblical Discernment is Key in Evaluating Any Book or Movie by Randy Alcorn: not sure I would recommend going to see the movie (as the video in the article recommends) but all in all lots of important thoughts in the article and the video. Also see Tim Challies' review of the book here. We want to be careful not to accept wholesale anything that claims to be Christian.

Finding God in My Loneliness Video: Justin Taylor interviews Lidia Brownback about her new book on loneliness: