Church membership is different from other kinds of membership. Instead of being served, you serve. Instead of feeling superior, you’re humble. At FBC, membership isn’t about “getting in” and taking advantage. It’s about committing to a family that serves one another and lives on mission to their community.

When you become a member at FBC, it’s because you want to be a committed part of this local church family while God has you in this area. Like a family, members at FBC have their flaws; like a family, we still love each other. At it’s core, membership is the way we promise to stand by one another in love, no matter what, as we follow God together.

You can find our membership form here. Below is an outline of the steps in the process.

The first step towards membership is to attend a two week membership class which is held for two consecutive weeks before our main Sunday morning gathering. This is an opportunity to learn more about membership, what FBC teaches and where we're headed as a church. Contact the office to find out when the next class session is running.

Step two in the membership process is to sit down with an elder for an interview. This may sound intimidating but it's really just a chance for us to get to know you, hear how God has worked in your life and answer any questions you may have. Also, you'll want to bring along a completed membership form.                                                    

Finally, we'll help you take the next steps to finalize membership. For some this will mean signing the membership commitments and being affirmed by the rest of the church family. For others, there may be additional actions, such as baptism, to take as part of this final step.