Youth Group is for middle school and high school students, 6th–12th grade. Middle and high school is a significant time in the life of a young person as they transition from kid to adult – from the faith of their parents, to developing a personal faith of their own. Our youth group ministry, therefore, seeks to equip and encourage the youth as they navigate this important stage of life. Our goal is to provide a healthy balance between age-appropriate teaching and activities, and integration into the church as a whole – that is to say, Youth Group alone is not intended to be “church” for the students, but rather a supplement to and transition into the church as they reach adulthood.

On Sunday mornings, the youth join the congregation for the duration of the Sunday service, participating in the worship through singing, prayer, giving, the Lord's Supper, and the preaching of God's Word. At the conclusion of the sermon the youth then leave for a 5-10 minute “debrief session” to think through the sermon and how it applies to them as youth.

The Youth Group also meets on the church campus on the first 3 Fridays of the month for an in-depth Bible study and small group time (yes, we do play fun games and have lots of junk food too!). These meetings are designed to challenge the youth to take the Bible seriously and to carefully consider how it applies to their own life. We believe that the Bible is applicable and understandable in every stage of life, and we encourage our youth to study the Bible at home too and then bring their questions to youth group each week.

Aside from Sunday morning and Friday nights, we also get together once a month for a fun outing/event, usually on Saturdays. See the church calendar for a complete run down. Past events include attending CSUN basketball games, movie nights, downtown LA adventures, mini-golf, etc.

Parents are also an important part of our youth ministry. Youth Group is intended to be a supplement to the discipleship relationship parents are called from Scripture to pursue with their children. To this end, we also seek to encourage and equip parents as they raise their tweens and teens in the midst of sports practice, games, homework, girl scouts, etc. We understand that Youth Group might be seen as just one more item on the calendar, but each Friday night, we seek to partner with parents as we bring the gospel to bear on the lives of our youth.

For more information about our Youth Group, please contact the church office or our Youth Director, Jeff Holmquist.