A lot of questions tend to arise when a place or activity is unfamiliar. We love having guests and we want to do whatever we can to make you feel at home. Below are the answers to some questions you might have about our Sunday Gatherings.

Where do I go?

What time should I get there?

  • At 10am light refreshments and coffee are served on the patio just west of the Worship Center. Our main worship gathering begins at 10:30am every Sunday. 

How do I dress?

  • We don’t have a dress code.  We'll simply be glad to have you join us. If you're interested, the attire for most people ranges from casual to business casual.

What do I do when I get there?

  • Make yourself at home, grab some coffee and pastries on the patio, meet some people and check out the information table in the foyer to get an idea of what we’re about. The people who greet you will be glad to help you find the information you need, figure out where your children need to go, and introduce you to other members.

What do I do with my kids?

  • We have a team of children’s ministry volunteers who love children and work hard each week at communicating the gospel to them in ways they can understand.
  • Children from birth through 5th grade join with their families in a time of singing and prayer to start the service. Just prior to the sermon we have a break where parents can take their children to their classrooms and sign them in. 
  • Middle schoolers (grades 6-8) remain in the service throughout the sermon and then meet in the foyer immediately following the sermon with our middle school leaders to discuss the message together. 
  • While we offer children’s ministry, children of all ages are more than welcome to remain in service with their parents. We encourage our parents to think strategically about how to gradually train their children to participate in all aspects of corporate worship.
  • Click here for more information on our Children’s Ministry and here to find out more about our Youth Ministry.

What will the worship service be like?

  • Overall we try to focus on the basics of what the Bible instructs us to do when we gather.  This makes our times fairly simple. We want as much of the attention as possible to be on God and the good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection.
  • Music: Our music is a blend of traditional hymns and more modern truth-filled songs with a variety of musical instruments (primarily piano and guitar). Our goal is to help God's people join together in expressing their hearts to God.
  • Preaching: Because we believe the Bible is God’s word we are committed to teaching the Bible. We are almost always teaching through a book of the Bible and explaining a particular section of it each week. We work hard to understand the meaning of the text of Scripture as well as how it transforms our thoughts, beliefs, affections, words, and actions.
  • Prayer: Speaking to our heavenly Father in prayer is vital to our time together and is sprinkled throughout our services. We often take time to bring up specific needs in the body and together ask God to work in those situations. 
  • Lord’s Supper: on the first and third Sundays we take the Lord’s Supper together (commonly referred to as Communion). This is a simple time of remembering and celebrating Christ’s death on our behalf and in our place. In eating the bread and drinking the juice we are expressing together our personal trust and deep union with Christ and His death. This is a time for both sober reflection and joyous celebration of the work of our Savior.
  • Fellowship: Before and after service we enjoy spending time together simply sharing life. These are key times for us as a church family to build community and build individuals up in maturity and godliness. 
  • Giving: During our service we take time to receive an offering. We see this as an opportunity for our church family to express their love for Christ and help support the financial needs of the church.  Each of us seeks to give joyfully, generously and eagerly.  We don’t expect our guests to contribute financially- we’re just glad they’ve come.